Addicted to Democracy Now

Dear Editor:

We are so lucky to have GrassRoots TV in this valley. The station produces the show Democracy Now five days a week so this political addict can get his fix of alternative media. In a time when the mainstream media gives us a steady feed of near propaganda it is refreshing to wake up early and watch the 6 a.m. show on GrassRoots. This morning was no exception with Bill Moyers and Amy Goodman talking about the Democrats race and going historically back to the infamous ad by LBJ in 1964, with a historical correction by Bill Moyers. Other shows have been illuminating, like the MLK Jr. birthday show, the revival of the RFK speech in Indianapolis after King was shot and the conversation between Harry Belafonte and Walter Mosley on the station a year ago. Grassroots TV is to be commended for continuing to carry this show.

Andy Hanson