Ad in poor taste |

Ad in poor taste

Dear Editor:Working in a real estate office here in Aspen, I see how much time and energy goes into advertising. We have a very talented and thoughtful person managing the advertising in our office. Thank God for that, since you seem to publish whatever someone wants to use for their advertising, no matter how poor their taste is. Actually this is beyond poor taste. Elk Mountain Motors has for weeks now run ads copying from something that was initiated as something very serious: the side of a milk carton. The use of the side of a milk carton in this fashion began years ago in order to have masses of people made aware of missing children. How awful for Mr. Tobin, owner of Elk Mountain Motors, to allow this undignified use of a familiar sight. I have left messages on two occasions for Mr. Tobin regarding this matter, so I can’t help but think that he feels his profit is more important than the moral issue this brings up. How sad.Nancy PayneCarbondale

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