Acts of genocide to ponder |

Acts of genocide to ponder

Dear Editor:

There is a lot being said about genocide lately. All the horrors that are associated with it. Views from both sides. It seems the perception is there is only one reality. Only one point of view. Only one way that is acceptable.

Let’s look at a few of these. Of course, the one that gets all the attention is genocide committed against the Jews by the Nazis. Don’t dare say anything that isn’t in line with what is the only point of view that is acceptable.

Let’s look at the genocide committed against the American Indian by the invading Europeans. Most people will say it never happened. This is an outrageous lie. But people turn their heads away and say that’s not what really happened, those Native Americans are making this up. And we accept this.

Let’s look at the genocide against the Armenians by the Turks. Again, nobody wants to talk about it. They say again this never happened. The Armenians are making this up. And we accept this.

Nobody even wants to talk about the countless genocides committed in the African nations. They say, again, this never has been happening. Nobody wants to talk about any of these atrocities.

I have mentioned some of the worst atrocities ever committed by mankind. Most people are still in denial about many of these genocides. People have talked about some of these from every point of view. And this big group of people who call themselves so morally correct contend that what happened to the Jewish people was so horrible. And let me say, what happened was unthinkable. They are not the only group of people who have had genocide committed against them.

But not to look at all aspects, all points of view of genocide, leaves us with what happened to the American Indians, the Armenians and all those human beings in Africa.

I know when I research history, I want to know what really happened. I want to know what drove these maniacs to commit these atrocities against not just one group but so many of this world’s fragile group … mankind.

Russ Decker


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