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Action, not ideas

Dear Editor:

Recent surveys have shown that the majority of Aspen and Pitkin County residents desire a straight-shot configuration for Highway 82 at the entrance to Aspen. I may not speak for all downvalley drivers, but am pretty sure most of us who need to drive to Aspen for work would love a four-lane straight shot.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but something drastic needs to be done with the outdated-present design of the roadway. To continue to discuss this issue is a disservice to all who use the state highway. It is not Aspen’s road … it is Colorado taxpayers’ road and a damn shame that with all the “ideas” going around Aspen, nothing has been done to fix it.

On Friday the traffic was backed up to the one-lane merge point before Buttermilk. We are spending lots of money to extend the runway at the airport so larger planes can land, only to have those air passengers wait in a long line of bumper to bumper traffic. There is no small town appeal to 3 to 5 miles of backed-up traffic. Vacationers can get traffic at home in the big city, so why pay to vacation here in the beautiful mountains to sit in traffic?

Even small businesses that have operated in Aspen for decades are moving out of town due to traffic and lack of parking. The status quo is no longer acceptable and needs to be brought up to date and 2011 traffic demands. At the very least, make the bus lane usable for traffic going to Highlands/Marron Bells, Aspen High School and the hospital – that may help elevate some congestion. It is also a pain in the clutch-wrist to ride a motorcycle in stop-and-go traffic. In the big city, motorcycles can use HOV lanes and that should be true here in the high country of Aspen. Stop talking about ideas and show me some action!

John Norman


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