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Act like you’ve seen one

Dear Editor:

I couldn’t agree more with Ruth Harrison – why are we killing the bears (“Leave the bears be,” Letters, Aug. 15, The Aspen Times)? It is the humans that need to be punished.

After witnessing the Aspen Saturday Market debacle and again another day with the bear near Susie’s, it is the people creating the problem.

It was a mob mentality. The people were chasing, gawking at and harassing the bear. They were asked by the police to disperse, and of course they did not back off. Instead of allowing the bear to escape, they stood in front of it – trapping it, scaring it even more. These are wild, unpredictable animals; they are hungry, terrified, dehydrated. Why would you put yourself and your children in danger?

By not allowing the bear to run, the disruptive onlookers are just adding to its potential death sentence under the two-strikes rule.

I think the police should shoot these inconsiderate, ignorant people with the bean-bag rifles!

Perhaps the police could start ticketing people for endangering wildlife – maybe a $50 fine? With the additional revenue, perhaps we could set up a “keep the bears in the mountains program.” Couldn’t we hide food in trees, under bushes, behind rocks, etc., making the bears search for food in their territory, not digging for trash in town?

There must be a solution; destroying our wildlife is just wrong. Stop trapping the bears, and discard your trash properly. It is not brain surgery!

Kathryn Kensington


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