Act before it’s too late |

Act before it’s too late

Dear Editor:

I recently attended a live show at the courthouse starring Charlie Sheen. In attendance, his alleged victim and current wife, Brooke, and numerous associates, easily identified by the fact they were all wearing suits and sporting ties.

When asked by a few local reporters why I was even allowed to attend, I responded by saying I was a pseudo journalist, and if Extra and TMZ were covering the action, I certainly qualified.

When asked what I would report on by Rick Carroll, of The Aspen Times, I told him I was thinking of doing a show called, “Sheen vs. Klanderud – Who should really be in jail?” I was referring to Soren Klanderud and his “alleged” assault on his girlfriend last year.

But before I could say jimmy-crack-corn, Soren beat me to the punch by getting arrested, and tossed back in jail.

Allegedly, Soren beat up his pregnant girlfriend, held her captive for 10 hours, poured liquor down her throat, and was arrested with a blood-alcohol content of 0.396.

Soren was finally charged with assault in the third degree, and reckless endangerment, both misdemeanors. According to the chief deputy DA, he “didn’t think the case rose to felony stature.”

The fact the fetus in the alleged attack died did not seem to sway him. Neither did the teeth that were knocked out, the broken nose, or black eyes as portrayed in pictures taken after the alleged assault. I guess a picture is not worth a thousand words in this case.

Why not charge Soren with a felony? The rumor is, the victim would not make a good witness. An argument that is specious at best. At worst, it reeks of family connections and longtime friendships, certainly in the public’s eye.

Which brings me back to Charlie Sheen. I have to admit, Brooke looked pretty good. And the fact they want to work it out together says a lot to me. Will they succeed? Don’t have any idea. But, I do know that I do not want to spend any more taxpayer money on this case.

I would spend some more on the Klanderud case because he scares me. The fact he is out buying liquor is only a few steps removed from being intoxicated, getting into a car, and potentially killing someone.

I feel bad for Soren. He needs help. In my humble opinion his family must take stock of his bad behavior, and do what is best for him, before it is to late.

Andrew Kole


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