ACRA staffer has it going on |

ACRA staffer has it going on

Dear Editor:

On Dec. 15 I attended the Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s (ACRA) lecture on customer service held at the Limelight lodge.

Wow! Great! Awesome! Fantastic! Why?! Two words: Dorothy Frommer!

I entered the ACRA off-site milieu with no perceived notions or mental pictures.

ACRA Guest Services director Dorothy Frommer is a precious, magnificent astonishment and an exciting business star beyond the Aspen usual type. She has it going on, even with a Cherry Creek connection in Denver.

Ms. Frommer has stellar mesmerizing qualities blended with superb caviar vibes exuding seductive sex appealing vocals, which powerfully project her sincerity and commitment that nullify her contrary body language appearing at times. That’s hot!

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Hey, chicks, you can learn a lot from taking an intensive two-week customer service training course from Ms. Frommer that will, in my opinion, help you improve the personal, social and romantic theaters in your lives.

Yes, even you babes who think you are too hot to trot with a poor boy can acquire a high cultured sexy champagne presence from Ms. Frommer if you will immerse your personalities in her psychic ocean of consciousness.

If Ms. Frommer and former Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Information Officer Ms. Llewellyn Wernett were together to start a business promoting etiquette, protocol, upper middle-class and upper-class appropriate dressing, personality development, and refinements for upper middle-class and upper-class appropriate living behavior, this would be the best icing on a $20 million diamond studded cake since Amy Vanderbilt’s etiquette books.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Beverly Hills

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