ACRA needs to take a stand |

ACRA needs to take a stand

Dear Editor:

I would strongly urge the Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) to break ties with the United States Chamber of Commerce, precisely because its positions have become a local issue.

The U S. Chamber of Commerce is currently pouring millions of dollars into a campaign to deny global warming. As global warming accelerates, there is less and less snow on Aspen’s mountains, increasingly damaging the ski industry on which Aspen’s winter economy depends. The U. S. Chamber of Commerce is thus in the ironic position of being bad for Aspen business.

Aspen may be tiny, but leaders from both sides of the aisle converge here for seminars at the Aspen Institute, and when Aspen speaks, leaders listen. Beyond economics, there is also the little matter of trying to ensure a viable future for the only planet known to support life. For ACRA to break with the U. S. Chamber of Commerce would be a positive local step with national impact.

Bruce N. Berger


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