ACRA hopes Coors relationship brews up business for Aspen |

ACRA hopes Coors relationship brews up business for Aspen

Naomi Havlen

Aspen might gain some marketing edge thanks to the new low-carb beer from the Coors Brewing Co. called Aspen Edge.

Or at least, that’s what those who market Aspen are hoping.

Aspen Chamber Resort Association President Hana Pevny said at a board meeting Tuesday that marketing arrangements with the brewing company about the new low-carb beer are in the works.

“Aspen will be the site for their incentive trips, and they want Aspen to be synonymous with Aspen Edge,” she told board members. “They could go to Vail, but that wouldn’t make any sense.”

The lager appeared on shelves in early March, but only in the eastern United States. Like Michelob Ultra, the product is the most recent incarnation of products with less carbohydrates – capitalizing on the craze of low-carb diets like Atkins and the South Beach Diet.

Coors representatives say they chose the name Aspen Edge to reflect a high-quality product and the company’s history in Colorado. Coors’ beers are bottled in Golden.

The beer will be premiered on Monday, April 12, in Denver – opening day at Coors Stadium. Pevny said a nearby bar in Denver’s lower downtown will be transformed into a replica of Aspen during the winter.

“This is a great opportunity for us. I’ve tasted the product, and I think it’s great,” Pevny said. “We’re looking forward to a good relationship with them. They can’t trademark Aspen because it’s a geographical location, but since [ACRA] lives and breathes marketing Aspen, we’ll do everything we can to make this relationship a success.”

So far that means promoting the product with visits to Aspen – in conversations with the company Pevny said she’s discussed putting a message about registering online to win a trip to Aspen on the small label on the neck of a bottle of Aspen Edge.

“If you think about that idea, you realize that someone sitting in a bar with their beer can flip out their blackberry and register right there,” Pevny said, referring to handheld Internet devices. “Hopefully when they register we can get more information about that person, like if they’re into mountain biking or fly-fishing, and we can target those lifestyles in our marketing.”

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