ACL tear at Aspen Highlands prompts negligence lawsuit

Rick Carroll
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO, Colorado

ASPEN – A Florida couple is taking an Aspen family to court over a February ski collision at Aspen Highlands that left a woman with a torn anterior cruciate ligament and other injuries.

Barbara A. Meyers and her husband, Donald James Findlay, filed a complaint last week in Denver federal court against parents Cinnamon and Teran Hughes and their son, who is a minor.

The suit claims Meyers was struck by the boy on Feb. 13 at the Exhibition trail, a beginner run on Aspen Highlands.

“Ms. Meyers was readily visible and had the right of way over skiers uphill and overtaking her. On the same trail, (the boy) was skiing above Ms. Meyers at a high speed,” the suit says. “Upon information and belief, (the boy) was high-speed skiing with a group of other young men, either as an informal ‘drag’ race, or in the company with other skiers.”

While skiing at a “high speed,” the boy collided with Meyers, the suit says. Aspen Highlands ski patrol took the woman off the mountain, and she subsequently was treated at Aspen Valley Hospital, the suit says.

The woman suffered a torn ACL, among other injuries, leading to surgeries on Feb. 16 and 18, the suit says. She was discharged from Aspen Valley Hospital on Feb. 26, the suit says.

“She will face multiple future medical procedures, and her medical bills to date exceed $132,000,” the suit says.

The suit makes three claims of negligence and seeks a jury trial and at least $75,000.

“Ms. Meyers is at risk for future medical complications and additional economic damages relating to future surgical treatment associated with these injuries,” says the suit, which was filed by Denver attorney James Chalat.

The Hughes parents declined to comment about the allegations and said they had not yet been served with the suit as of Friday.