Accused El Jebel murderer smacks inmate |

Accused El Jebel murderer smacks inmate

Randy Wyrick
Vail Daily
Accused double murderer Williams Amaya smacked another inmate for talking smack about Hillary Clinton, who he says is his mom.
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EAGLE — An accused double murderer who says Hillary Clinton is his mother, smacked another inmate for talking smack about her.

One of Williams Amaya’s defense attorneys, Reed Owens, told Judge Paul Dunkelman his client is “deemed, you know, insane.”

Amaya has been through one psychiatric evaluation and may have another if prosecutors get their way.

Amaya is accused of shooting his aunt and uncle to death in the Sopris Village subdivision home where they lived in the El Jebel area. Amaya was renting a room from them.

Jail incident

It was just after lunch on Sept. 29, when Roman Alvarez Cortes sat down in the sun to relax in the jail recreation room. The next thing Cortes knew, he’d been smacked upside the left side of his head.

He looked up to see Amaya standing over him and shouting, “You’re a f—ing Nazi!”

Cortes said he explained to Amaya that he was not, in fact, a Nazi. But Amaya kept saying he would kill Cortes for talking bad about his mother, who he claims is Clinton.

Cortes said he got away about the time an Eagle County Sheriff’s deputy came into the room.

After they got Cortes patched up, deputies asked Amaya what made him hit Cortes like that.

“Dude was talking bad about my mother, so I punched him,” Amaya told the deputies.

The deputies asked Amaya what Cortes said about his supposed mother, Clinton.

“Well, I work for the U.S. government as a spy butcher and my mom is Hillary Clinton,” Amaya told them. “I am contracted by the U.S. government to take out threats to my government. I don’t let people talk about my government or my mom.”

The deputies then asked what Amaya meant by “spy butcher.”

“Look, you have a job, I have a job. When the government decides that someone is a threat to our security, they have me kill them.”

The deputies asked Amaya if he planned to kill Cortes.

“No,” Amaya said. “He just needed to be set straight about my mom, Hillary Clinton.”

Double murder

Multiple gunshot wounds from a handgun killed Mayra Lopez, 40, and Eliseo Lopez, 42. Amaya also is accused of attempted murder of the Lopez’s two boys on the same night. They fled the house and were physically unharmed.

Amaya, 34, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in January. He is being held at Eagle County Jail without bond because he is considered a flight risk.