Accused cop shooter the wrong man? |

Accused cop shooter the wrong man?

Pete FowlerGlenwood Springs correspondentAspen, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS Glenwood Springs attorney Ted Hess appeared at Sergio Esteban Ramirez’s advisement hearing in the case of the shooting of a police officer, saying law enforcement has the wrong man.”My sense is that the [Garfield County] Sheriff’s Office needs to stop congratulating itself and they need to find the real shooter,” Hess said.Ramirez, 20, was arrested on Sunday afternoon and charged in the July 29 shooting of a Glenwood Springs police officer.Hess said he’d been contacted hours before the hearing by members of Ramirez’s family who produced a list of 11 alibi witnesses. Eight or nine Ramirez supporters showed up at the hearing. They said Ramirez was with them at the Roaring Fork Inn and Lodges the night of the shooting.Ramirez was brought into custody after a traffic stop Sunday at the 116 exit off Interstate 70. Friday night, Ramirez was arrested, along with two other men, after a drug raid at the Roaring Fork Inn. Ramirez bonded out on those charges on Saturday and was arrested Sunday afternoon in connection to the shooting case after the issuing of a $1 million warrant for his arrest.Magistrate Lain Leoniak advised Ramirez of his rights at the hearing. He’s faces charges of attempted first-degree murder of a peace officer, attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and tampering with physical evidence. She left the $1 million in place and granted a prosecution request to seal the entire court file temporarily except for the advisement sheet and register of actions.Family and friends, including Lorenza Tapia and Christina Ruiz, said Ramirez, also known as “Smokey,” spent money at the Mr. Amigo restaurant with Anthony Villegas and didn’t pay the tab. Garfield County Deputies arrested Villegas on an outstanding felony drug warrant and said they believe he knows something about the officer shooting. Villegas, known as “Speedy,” allegedly violated the terms of his probation in a theft case.Ruiz, who is Ramirez’s cousin, said she served Ramirez and Villegas at Mr. Amigos. She told the two to pay the tab because her boss had withheld the money from her wages. She added that Ramirez threatened Villegas for his share of the money. Ramirez was arrested the next day.”Speedy apparently identified Smokey, and I guess that’s the basis for the arrest,” Hess said. “There is definitely a real question about whether they have the right man here.”Ramirez has lived most of his life in the area, works as a mason and has a pregnant girlfriend, Hess said. Hess asked for a reduction of bond in light of the alibi witnesses and Ramirez’s “strong ties” to the community.Vallario said both Ramirez and Villegas are U.S. citizens. He said he heard detectives saying they had what appeared to be gang-related tattoos, such as three dots between the thumb and index finger and a “Sur 13″ tattoo.Hess asked that the witnesses be allowed to testify regarding probable cause for the case, but he was denied because of the scope of advisement hearings.Affidavits of the investigation are part of the sealed file. Ninth Judicial District Assistant District Attorney Jeff Cheney argued that public viewing of the documents could compromise the ongoing investigation.Hess objected to that request.”Law enforcement’s performance itself is being called into question and shouldn’t be hidden from public scrutiny,” he said.According to Vallario, there will be more arrests in the case. He added that he believes that a second suspect directly related to the July 29 shooting is still at large.The Glenwood police officer who was shot has yet to be named. A bulletproof vest helped save his life and being shot in the chest from 10 to 20 feet away. The shooting occurred near the Glenwood Springs Airport at an automobile impound lot.