Accusations are campaign of hate |

Accusations are campaign of hate

I like Tom Farrell, and now I’m concerned and confused and, I think, a little horrified. What I’m hearing via newspaper is accusations by two seemily wild-eyed women who want Tom out and they won’t say why.

They seem to be kicking up a lot of dust, and what I want to know is: who calls the shots in the school district?

Can any disgruntled parent(s) oust a principal, superintendent or teacher without giving specific reasons, yet causing a not inconsiderable disruption requesting mysterious documents? Is there another sub-plot here that I’m not aware of?

The hate campaign behind this is scary. And scarier still for anyone who might entertain the notion of filling Tom’s place. How booby-trapped is the position of superintendent?

Somewhere along the line every parent has his or her gripes about school, be it teachers, principals, coaches – you name it. If Tom has committed egregious mistakes, would you please let me know what they are? No fair airing invisible dirty laundry.

As a taxpayer, I want to know that the district school board is responsible and on top of this and any other issues that should be resolved in a dignified manner. This whole deal seems to have leaked out with the board behind Tom, and seemingly a lot of parents.

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I’m concerned about a public airing of personal gripes about a man who has devoted 14 years to this community. If he leaves Aspen, I want him to depart with a bunch of thank-yous in his pocket.

The vociferousness of this attack may make it difficult for him to get a job elsewhere, so maybe it would be best for Carrie and Laurie to tone it down a little.

Beware: What goes around comes around. He may not have a choice but to stay here; after all, his contract was renewed. And if that happens, what are you ladies going to do to restore peace to the school?

Julie Augur


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