Accolades for buddies |

Accolades for buddies

Dear Editor:

The Buddy Program is a wonderful opportunity to provide mentoring and friendship to the young people of our communities. It has been my pleasure to be a partner with this organization for the last three years.

As the counselor at Basalt Elementary School I have witnessed the impact of true connections being made, whether through the Peer to Peer Program with the Leadership class at BHS or the Community Volunteer Program. The young students I work with every day delight in the time they spend with their “buddy.” Not only do they learn from the experiences, they just have a lot of fun! The smiles on their faces express the way their hearts have been touched. Many thanks to all of those wonderful Basalt High School students and the community buddies who have given so much of their time and their lives to connect to the BES students.

Catharine Royem

counselor, Basalt Elementary School

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