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Absurdity ahead

Dear Editor:

I like Melanie Sturm’s low tolerance for absurdity in her Think Again pieces.

The president got warm applause July 13 for shouting, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” The response is Exhibit A for five decades of progressive ideology: a dwindling capacity to recognize and reject absurd words. Increasingly, newspapers tolerate indiscriminate words. The New York Times reduces our great divide between a simplistic Romney’s belief in “lower taxes” and “fewer regulations”‘ against the endearing Obama “vision” and “vitality” of government.

Ideas can flow from a full moral palate – like Melanie’s – or from a cleft moral palate, but the cognoscenti media’s uncritical tastes are not clarifying nor – wait for it – fair to one vision. Whose ideas will win the moral-clarity gap 2012? Meritocratic fairness or the redistributive definition? Enlightenment values or religious law? Equal opportunity or equality of outcome? Free-market-opportunity society or Julia’s Cheshire Cat coercion? Reform or status quo? Democratic capitalism or European dissolution?

I’ll reserve my polite applause for Melanie and my discerning vote for the reconcile, reform, replace and renew efficiency expert, having spotted and rejected the tax, spend, coerce, evade, blame and divide absurdity.

Gary Harrington

St. Petersburg, Fla.

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