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Above it all

Dear Editor:Attention Peter Louras (letters, Aug. 26), it’s pretty clear that a good GOP line-tugger like you doesn’t let facts influence opinion, and no doubt all that blood on your hands is getting stickier and stickier. But I guess in a red state it’s OK to be blushing from head to toe.That you blame Clinton, “an adolescent date-rapist,” for 9/11 would be hysterical if the event, and your understanding of it, were not so deadly and politically vacuous. “Bin Laden determined to strike inside the U.S.” – sound familiar, Pete? There are no WMDs, it was all a lie. Saddam and al-Qaida were enemies … and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? But maybe you’re out and about with Jim Perry, honoring the dead of 9/11 by supporting the trumped-up GWOT in Iraq that has already sent nearly 2,000 of our brave countrymen to their deaths. I, of course, will continue to dishonor the rising death total of both by exposing that George Bush had the evil audacity to manipulate our grief for his needy politics and profound personal weaknesses. If lying to a nation to mislead them into war isn’t evil, what is? And here’s another fun fact about Iraq that you can ignore, Pete: The fundamentalist Shia are brilliantly using our brave soldiers to kill off the secular Sunni; when this ugly job is finally done, the fanatical and oil rich Shiites will join up with their fanatical and oil-rich buddies in Iran and declare war on us, the great Satan. Does this sound like it has anything to do with 19 Saudi Arabians crashing jets into the WTC, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania? The Saudis are our pals, right? The enemies of our enemies, and even if none of our allies in that deadly region are in any real way democratic, we might as well force-feed a Koranically twisted version of democracy on Iraq; after all, before we arrived the women of Baghdad could wears skirts, drive cars and vote – who knows where behavior like that might end.Speaking of armchair flame-throwers, I certainly hope (not really) you’re tossing yours from the front lines of Baghdad or that your kids have enlisted – or maybe you’re like the rest of the Bushies, and above it all. Go for a mountain bike ride and clear your head. That helps George when his Bible study group gets confused about killing and lying and war.Patrick HasburghAspen

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