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About ‘these people’

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:Finally, someone speaks out against “these people” – the dirty gay menace. I’m sure you’ve got all of them running scared! The town is safe! Sound the all-clear! Ms. Briggs, we all wonder if you actually thought for one fleeting moment about the garbage you spew (Aspen Times, July 16). Let us consider the subject of “these people.”Are they of sinister intent? Lurking in dark corners, out to get you? Do they murder their wives? Abuse their children? Suffer from a 50 percent divorce rate? Or, are they part of a diabolical plan working for a more understanding, respectful, loving place for everyone? As one of “these people,” I must tell you that I am highly educated, a leader in my professional field, earn an income in one of the highest tax brackets, have voted in every election since the age of 18 (that’s 22 years) and believe in God (since God did in fact create “these people”). I am so confident in my integrity and “goodness” that I do not fear you. On the contrary, I know you are merely a bigot, as evidenced in your hostile and ignorant comments. If you were so fearful of “these people” prior to writing your hate mail, you must be absolutely terrified now. Thing is, “these people” run your government, teach in your schools, deliver your babies, are your gynecologists, your policemen, your firemen. They drive your buses, design the clothing you wear and fly the planes you use for travel (fine, some are flight attendants). They’re your accountants, attorneys, social workers and judges. They produce the music you love, write the plays you adore, create the art you enjoy. They operate your power plants and develop the technology allowing you to use everything from ATMs to telephones. They cook and serve you food in restaurants (you’d better watch out).Where will you go? What will you do? “These people” are everywhere.See, “these people” believe you must understand that once you begin to label others and create an environment of hatred, bigotry and divisiveness, you are in fact the single source of the problem. It’s not some sinister gay plot. This is about “these people” wanting the right – since we are taxpaying, voting, church-going, fighting-in-the-military-to-protect-your-ass Americans – to live a blissful, committed life together that is legally recognized without the fear of getting bashed in the head with a baseball bat by people like you. Get it?This is about survival. This is about hope, dignity and that silly little thing called love.Being eternal optimists, “these people” will forgive your ignorance and misunderstanding of the meaning of morality this one time. But be warned, “these people” are here to stay and you can live with us or you can get out of town. Or, the state. No, wait, the country. Steven BrinleeNew York, N.Y.(and one of “these people” in Aspen)

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