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Abhorrent decision

Dear Editor:

How incredibly ironic and coincidental that I am currently studying the effects of Marxist theory (later transformed into communism) on education.

Communism, most notably under Stalin, exercised censorship and the banning of books/lectures/artwork, etc. There was no “free thought”; no exercise of theory, dissertation and expanded concepts. Basically, the leader of our education system for 5,000 of our children, Ms. Haptonstall, believes in this same form of censorship. She prevented teachers from seizing an important moment in our country’s history, and enacted a policy to keep students from the educational tasks they desperately need to learn: observation, analyzation, discussion, and individual conclusions.

Would our superintendent have behaved so abhorrently had it been a Bush speaking? Hmm …

Her excuses of needing to see the content of the speech were pure bull … did she think this educated leader would suddenly lose all sense of context and preach health care to kindergartners? Has she paid attention at all?

This is not about being a Democrat or a Republican. It is about respecting our president, and grasping a moment to use his accomplishments to inspire our children. It was an honor that he took the time to voice a concern so clearly dear to him … one that crosses all cultural and socio-economic lines, one that enforces what all parents (and supposedly all superintendents) want of their children: Don’t be afraid to fail, do your best, stay in school, and remember that education is the key to being a better citizen of this country and of the world …

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If our superintendent sees that as subversive, she needs a civics lesson.

Sincerely disgusted,

Denise Moss


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