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Abandoning your baby is inexcusable

Dear Editor:

Coming out of Clark’s Market the other night, I was absolutely appalled to see a parked but running car in front of me with a baby left in the back seat.

My mom and I waited, debating whether to call the police, for about 10 minutes. Then, as I was reaching for my phone to make the call, a woman came sauntering out of the store with a full bag of groceries and casually waved to the child through the front windshield. As she was getting into her car, I had to say something – I told her that I thought it was unbelievable that she had left her child in the car and that it was very irresponsible parenting and she was lucky I hadn’t called the cops, to which she responded (after rolling her eyes at me), “I’m a single mom.”

Since when does this excuse breaking multiple laws and ignoring basic parenting skills? Now, I realize we live in a relatively safe town and that we often look out for one another, but that is no excuse for this kind of irresponsibility. Part of being a parent is keeping your children safe, no matter how inconvenient it might be. If you have time to put your child in the car to go to the store, you have time to take him or her out of the car with you when you go.

I know lots of single moms and lots of married moms who manage quite nicely when running errands “alone” with their children. My mom did it. Your mom probably did it. In fact, I don’t remember anyone else ever joining us to go grocery shopping.

Woman up, or ask a friend for help.

Danielle Kopf


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