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AACP not ready for prime time

Dear Editor:

I find the behavior of elected government officials abhorrent when laws are passed that bind citizens to compliance, while these same officials ignore the rules as it relates to their actions.

This practice is common at the federal and state levels. An example of this practice at the local level is the Aspen Area Community Plan, which city and county officials are preparing to enact.

The following items are stated in this document:

1. Manage impacts of development

2. Preserve our mountain views

3. Preserve the character of our built-in environment

4. Under the topic of construction pacing, it states: “A comprehensive effort to explore pacing models must be deliberate and transparent including substantial public outreach and feedback.”

5. Mitigating impacts on the community

6. The plan touts community engagement and small-town character

7. Section IV-3 states: “Ensure that the city code supports innovative development that respects our architectural heritage in terms of site coverage, mass, scale, form and a diversity of heights.”

In light of the “approval process” for the Aspen Art Museum, despite its overwhelming rejection by the voters, I offer the following: I would urge public officials to wait on the enactment of this plan until the Art Museum is completed, since the approval and construction of this project conflicts the document in so many areas. Also, clearly state the plan is designed and intended for citizens. Local government and its officials will not be bound by the document.

Cecil Hernandez


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