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A year to remember

Dear Editor:We made it – yaaaay! Parallel 15 Coffee & Tea, a new business opened at the start of the economic free-fall last year, celebrates its one-year anniversary today.We want to extend our most enthusiastic thanks to all of the loyal locals and visitors who have helped us reach this important milestone. We know business is tough for everyone these days. And it’s tremendously hard work getting a new business off the ground in any economy – but especially these past 12 months. But when we get such consistent, positive feedback from our customers, it just makes us want to buckle down, work harder, and make sure we’re here for another 10, 20, 30 years – or until the coffee runs out. It’s our birthday, and we want you to enjoy the cake. So today we’re giving the first 50 coffee or tea customers a free organic cupcake, and a hug! It’s just our way of saying “thanks for caring” – about local business owners, about the organic path, and for loving our great, organic coffee and tea as much as we do. Here’s looking forward to a booming business season ahead. Let it snow!!Keith Goode, Rebecca Rubinson Goode and Elizabeth Powersco-owners, Parallel 15 Coffee & Tea Inc.

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