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A year of tweets, Aspen style

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets about Aspen and publish them Sunday. Here are our favorite tweets of 2014, Aspen style, of course.

• “Lance Armstrong just got on a flight to Aspen and wanted an upgrade. I told him, sorry we drug test for that.” — @LeifCedar

• “Damn. Next month is the 5 year anniversary of Charlie Sheen assaulting his now ex-wife in Aspen. 5 YEARS!!! It’s almost like people forgot.” — @JennyJohnsonHi5

• “No, Pitkin County Sheriff, you can’t have my weed.” — @Doug__Allen

• “Things I’m currently researching: Whether to spend thousands at Aspen or Vail. God, I’m such a f—ing insufferable yuppie” — @eiffeldesigns

• “Bratty kid on flight to Aspen just started scream-singing ‘It’s a Hard-Knock Life.’ Irony has jumped the shark.” — @tgdolan

• “Art exhibit in Aspen features tortoises w/ iPads glued to their shells. That’s right, iPads. Glued. To their shells.” — @SafinaCenter

• “You can strap an iMac to my back and let me wander around a field in Aspen and I wouldn’t claim abuse.” — @jonnyklemchuk

• “Aspen airport is packed, because summer session of ski training camp for poodles just ended.” — @paulapoundstone

• “@SnoopDogg is playing @XGames #Aspen. I don’t think there are enough grass shops there that can handle the demand for that show.” — @TSquaredSports

• “Something awesome about hearing ‘Lawyers, Guns, and Money’ in the Aspen Club and Spa locker room” — @albionlawrence

• “In Aspen you can smoke pot, buy guns, & the police give out free pizza. I’m sold.” — @asian__joe

• “Making plans to go to Aspen is officially the whitest thing I’ve ever done” — @linecook

• “Wouldn’t be a flight to Aspen without having to sit next to ladies wearing various dead animals.” — @vivaladeegan‬‬‬

• “Got everything packed up and ready to head to Aspen tonight. I can’t wait to see the Owl Farm again! Scoring some acid later!” — @SoyChaiLatte

• “My first newspaper job was at the Aspen Daily News. I loved that place, even tho was hard to live on that salary” — @CillescasDP

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