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A workshop for parents

Dear Editor:

I am pleased to announce that Hyde Schools, a national leader in character education will be bringing the workshop “The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have” to the Aspen School District on Wednesday, March 16, 6-7:30 p.m. at the Aspen Elementary School District Theater. The workshop is free to the community.

Topics include:

10 Priorities.

Truth over Harmony.

Principles over Rules.

Attitude over Aptitude.

Set High Expectations and Let Go of Outcomes.

Value Success and Failure.

Allow Obstacles to Become Opportunities.

Take Hold and Let Go Create a Character Culture.

Humility to Ask for and Accept Help.

Inspiration: Job #1.

Hyde School strongly believes that the way parents live their lives must be consistent with the way they raise their children. They feel that we as parents must put the focus on us, the adults, so that we can then be a role model for our kids. This is a hard thing for many adults to do since our generation has placed so much focus on the kids. These 10 priorities are not presented as a fool-proof response to every challenge or difficulty we face in our homes, but they offer a framework to guide our efforts.

I guarantee it will be well worth the time spent. Thank you to the Aspen School District for sponsoring this workshop.

Della Pegolotti