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A word from KDNK

Mel D. Blumenthal
Snowmass Village

KDNK, like many organizations these days, is facing financial challenges. In order to provide a strong signal to a wider area and to meet the challenges presented by outside radio interests in this pivotal time for KDNK, we have identified a set of ambitious fund-raising goals, coupled with targeted expense reductions for 2004.

We anticipate a 20 percent net growth in revenue by expanding our membership base and increasing underwriting sales. But, these revenue increases alone are insufficient, we must also reduce our operating budget.

Choosing between competing priorities ” music programming, technology needs, fundraising, local news, broadcasting professionalism, nurturing our extraordinary talent base ” has proven to be an extraordinarily difficult and painful process. After carefully reviewing our needs and scrutinizing every operating-expense line item, we arrived at an 8 percent across-the-board cut in non-employee costs.

Unfortunately, even these measures fell short and we were forced to take a close look at staff compensation, by far the largest expenditure at KDNK.

Our analysis led to an elimination of the music director position and freezing salaries for the remaining positions. Until our revenue picture looks brighter, some of the functions of the music director will be fulfilled by a part-time music librarian and an increased reliance on volunteer expertise. In the meantime, we’ll endeavor to maintain our programming excellence.

A painful result of these budget cuts is that longtime music director Skip Naft has moved on. Skip served the KDNK community professionally and tirelessly. The station’s fantastic sound and impressive music catalog stand as a testimonial to his skilled service. We are deeply grateful for his contribution and he will be sorely missed.

KDNK will emerge from these challenges stronger and more vital than ever. We are committing ourselves to an exciting future for the station and ask our supporters to join us in celebrating the vital community resource that we enjoy in KDNK.