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A word from a candidate

Dear Editor:Nov. 1 is an opportunity for voters to take a stand on issues that are important to them. Over the next couple of weeks, Eagle County voters will have the opportunity to cast their votes on issues such as a county-wide smoking ban, referendum C and D, home rule, and whether or not to form a charter commission to study and recommend potential changes to the way our county is governed.Home Rule is an alternative to the current way we are governed. Such a change requires a commission of individuals dedicated and committed to researching the details and the consequences associated with reforming our local government. I am running “at large” for one of the 11 positions that will make up a Charter Commission.I believe that the key to understanding an issue is to have the eagerness and the openness to discover and identify the pros and cons. One thing I have learned over the years is, no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides to every issue. I support dedicating the time and research to discover if and how a new structure will benefit the citizens of Eagle County. I have lived in Eagle County since 1977 and over the years I have actively participated in supporting candidates as well as initiative campaigns. I have an appreciation of how public policy directly affects the quality of our lives. I care about the future and the vision of our community and am enthusiastic about working with others that share my passion. I hope to live here for many more years and I want to be part of solutions that improve the quality of our lives for generations to come. Over then next several weeks when you receive your ballot in the mail I hope you will consider supporting me. I promise to work hard for the citizens of Eagle County.Kara HeideEdwards

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