A wonderful skateboard park

Dear Editor:

I am writing after a recent trip to your lovely city and community. It was such a pleasure to enjoy your community skate park with my 9-year-old son, Logan. It was a pleasure to be welcomed by your police officers and to join in the pizza celebration for your youth. Thank you for that welcomed hospitality.

But most importantly, I want to express my appreciation to the youth and young adult instructors who teach and frequently skateboard at your park. My son and I spent four to five hours of each of the five days we were in Aspen enjoying the skate park, along with other Aspen events. It was such a joy for my son to be at your park enjoying the skateboard fun!

We live in Colorado Springs, and I, as a parent, have never witnessed a more pleasant and respectful skate park! The youth and the instructors who were there crafting and fine-tuning their sport of skateboarding need to be commended! All were very respectful of one another’s age, skateboarding space and skill levels, and used appropriate (respectful) language. It was a fun place to share the sport and family time.

It was also a highlight for my son to take a personal skateboard lesson from one of your pleasant community shop’s instructors, Justin, one of the very talented and pleasant young adults who teach at your park. A very special thank-you to Justin and all the other instructors. You are an A-team!

Thank you for a wonderful experience in your community. Your community should be very proud of this facility. For anyone just driving or biking by, I welcome you all to stop by and watch the talent of skateboarding.

Kim and Logan Almquist

Colorado Springs