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A way to help Haiti

Dear Editor:

There are many commendable local and national organizations that are helping Haiti. No one would wish to detract from these noble efforts but I would like to add an additional approach for people that would like to give small denominations from $5 to $100.

The donations would specifically target Haitian women and children in ravaged Port au Prince. I have been in direct contact with a Haitian yoga teacher that I have known for 15 years and whose family lives in Port au Prince. He is working with desperate women with children. I trust this man. We have been funneling $100 increments through Western Union.

As a gesture of goodwill, Western Union is not charging any fee for money transfers. As there is no bureaucratic tape involved, the money is in the hands of these women within hours. They in turn are able to feed their children as well as help others.

I am accepting any amount of money at my post office box (PO Box 2363, Aspen, CO, 81612). When I have $100, I will be given a name of a woman in Port au Prince and will then forward the money through Western Union. Leon Maitre calls Haiti to make sure the woman has the money. Leon’s brother in Port au Prince is also helping with this effort.

All aid systems are subject to the potential of fraud. Nothing is foolproof, but I am comfortable with this pipeline that goes directly to known individuals. As for my credentials, I came to Aspen as a teacher in 1966; subsequently I have had two businesses, one local and one international.

Camilla Sparlin


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