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A watershed decision

The trolley issue is not about the group involved with the trolley. It is not about whether the group has done their job, followed through, did what they said they would do. The subject is really about this community and people caring about this community and devising ways to help this community.

The trolley group are all working people who have volunteered their valuable time. For that they deserve great credit. Where they have failed, we need to pick up the ball and help out.

A 20-year stint at service is a long, discouraging sentence. We need new voices, new helpers that care about Aspen as deeply as those in the past have cared. Anyone in the public arena will be beat up – particularly in this town – but we cannot stop caring and doing something about things.

Effort built this town. Lack of effort will destroy it. Citizenship is constant watchfulness with action. Give the trolleys a chance and ask that they be put on a ballot for citizen input. This is a watershed decision.

Marie Von Hefley


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