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A waste of paper

Oh, puh-llleeeezzzze. Having lived in Aspen 21 years, and now 21 years at points downvalley, I am insulted by reading your new column, “The Princess’s Palate,” and the twit who wrote it.

It was pure crap, at least as far as I could get through it. I had an Aspen post office box (30, so there, Alison Berkley) and it made absolutely no difference in what kind of person I was or where I got in the world.

Nothing else in that column, or even that, for that matter, is worth a comment or the time of day. Petty “writing” like this belongs in a paper to which only twits like her subscribe.

Do us a favor and pull that stupid waste-of-paper column from your otherwise fine, accurate and interesting paper.

Tamie Meck

Staff writer/columnist

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