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A warming cycle, with or without humans

Dear Editor:After writing the controversial “Bogus Global Warming” article (Soapbox, July 16), it saddens me to see some of the replies to my article. I anticipated people would call me names, and sure enough, I was called stupid (with no fact or reasons why I’m stupid), an ostrich was another name I was called by Everett Peirce and someone else said my article was a waste of time.Let it be known, I’m an honors graduate of Aspen High in 1989 and graduated Cum Laude from the “liberal” Ft. Lewis College in Durango. I’ve owned a whitewater rafting company, rafted the Grand Canyon and have been a raft guide for 16 years. I’ve been surrounded by enviros and liberals for decades, but they just can’t get me to fall into place. My article is opinion based on scientific facts that differ from the liberal, scientific fact, “scare tactics.”Not one critic of mine addressed the issue of the melting glaciers that disappeared here in the Roaring Fork Valley well before the industrial revolution, or that evidence of palm trees exist in Alaska. One of my critics said “Name me one, just one scientist who agrees with you?” I already did: Max Mayfield, a meteorological scientist and head of the National Hurricane Center. Do you realize the liberal media, minus the out-of-control Fox News, has no interest in letting you hear those who think global warming is not “human caused”?Most of my friends are liberals in Aspen. I respect them and I think most respect me. Do you think it’s easy writing something that is so against the grain in a very liberal town such as Aspen? I think not. The earth is on a warming cycle, I totally agree with that. However, glaciers receded before the industrial revolution, and the inland sea that was once covering Colorado is evidence that the earth has continuously been on warming and cooling cycles for hundreds of millions of years.Tom AndersonAspen Village

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