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A warm winter speaker box for your head

I’ve always been a multitasker. The kind of guy who likes to cook a gourmet dinner while watching a movie on TV, cleaning his apartment … and talking politics with his sister, in Boston, on the cell phone.

When walking around town, I tend to have my nose buried in a magazine or newspaper while jamming to tunes on my iPod. This has led to a couple close calls with some patches of ice or speeding cars, but hey, at least no one has ever accused me of not being well-read.

As for the iPod, I’d get the thing inserted into my hip if there was a surgical procedure for it. I play it on my radio transmitter in the car, wear it at the gym and use it to block out chatty tourists on gondola rides.

Fully aware of my obsession, my girlfriend, being the thoughtful gift-giver that she is, hooked me up with the Nixon Falcon beanie ($40) for Christmas. (She also hooked me up with about 62 other things, a haul of gifts that turned my three 20-something siblings into envious 6-year-olds ” but that’s another story.)

The Falcon is one of those life-simplifying inventions that makes you wish you’d thought of it first and signed up for a patent. A beanie with embedded headphones? How simple ” and convenient ” is that?

It’s not like the thing is high-tech: It’s just a well-made, warm winter hat with some inner flaps near the ears to hold a pair of cheap $3 headphones. There’s also a volume control knob on the wire hanging from the headphones that easily allows you to turn down the music.

The headphones pop out easily, too, if you want to sport the beanie without wires hanging around your neck. As I’ve also discovered, the cheap purple headphones tuck easily into the sides of my snowboard helmet as well ” a jerry-rigged setup that works great on the hill and makes my girlfriend roll her eyes every time I shout at her ” unintentionally ” on the chairlift. (Since I own the first snowboard helmet ever made, I wasn’t aware that helmet companies have been manufacturing protective headwear with built-in speakers for years.)

Needless to say, the Falcon is perfect for the music buff like myself who is always looking to eliminate wasted moments in a day.

I no longer have to tuck my ear buds under my winter hat ” I just pop on the Falcon, plug in my iPod and fly.

Now it’s time to break down and get a new helmet.


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