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A voice of reason

Dear Editor:

I was greatly saddened to hear Roine St. Andre has passed away. Roine was a great and passionate Aspen character that connected us to the real, not perceived or romanticized, Aspen past, and was an outspoken voice of reason in the battle against heavy-handed government regulation and the ongoing march of higher taxes that are driving many people out of the valley.

I loved witnessing her periodic appeals to our governments and letters to the editor in which she frequently reminded us that “someone needs a dope slap,” “dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” “we shouldn’t be supporting xxxxx with the tax dollar, but because of some ‘masses are asses’-type vote that got passed some years ago, we are,” “the only thing that comes from the top down is holes” and “please vote using common sense and help us take back our government.”

I will miss Roine’s warm character and wit, authentic knowledge of Aspen’s past, good sense, willingness to be outspoken and seeing her at the base of the gondola.

Thanks for the contributions to our community and for the memories.

Mike Maple