A victory for the valley

Dear Editor:

Sometimes life gives us little victories, and sometimes life gives us big victories. On March 22, our part of Colorado got a big victory when the Department of the Interior released its policies for oil-shale development on the public lands in neighboring Garfield County.

I want to thank the many community leaders, both elected and volunteer, who have worked hard to get common-sense policies developed for potential oil-shale development. The polices developed by Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and the Department of Interior are very insightful in that they require energy companies to prove commercial and environmental viability of oil shale before they are granted commercial.

Basalt and the Roaring Fork Valley are home to a diverse economy that relies on a healthy environment. Agriculture and recreation are obvious examples of the direct relationship between our homes, businesses and the environment. We all enjoy this very special place with its clean air, water and world-class recreational opportunities. These policies will protect our way of life.

This was a big victory!

Jacque Whitsitt