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A vibrant market

Dear Editor:

I would be remiss if I were to let a major misstatement made by Scott Crow in his recent letter attacking the Basalt Sunday Market go uncorrected.

Crow wonders why the good folks organizing the Basalt Sunday Market are “invoking being a 501(3)C corporation” and are reluctant to just throw open their books to him. If the tone and tenor of the unanswered e-mails he sent the organizers are similar to that of his letter, I can understand their reticence to communicate with Crow.

Please allow me to correct Crow’s glaring and erroneous assertion that Blue Tent Marketing was paid to create a website for the market. Because the Basalt Sunday Market is in line with our company’s ongoing green initiatives, and our admiration for Kam Davies, who has done an awesome job and was able to get another great midvalley company, Esse Design, to donate its time for the site, our company chose to donate the work as well.

Crow’s purchase on the facts is tenuous at best. He wonders aloud, “Who’s ever heard of going to a website for a farmers market?” Apparently the organizers of the Carbondale Farmers Market, whom he repeatedly lauds throughout his screed, have, along with the organizers of farmers markets in Denver, Seattle and San Francisco, because they all have a Web presence.

If Crow ever had occasion to be in Basalt on a Sunday morning prior to the inception of the market, he would realize that there wasn’t exactly a great deal of activity. Now the streets are packed with people shopping, vendors selling and musicians playing. The market has become quite a success, and Blue Tent is proud to have been a small part in making it so.

The only thing in need of “rethinking” is the motivation behind Crow’s factually incorrect criticisms.

S. Chapin Lewis

Blue Tent Marketing

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