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A Veazy answer for Basalt

Dear Editor:In light of “Stores face challenges in downtown Basalt” (Dec. 17, The Aspen Times) with the silly, unsophisticated talk and outlook by both Basalt Mayor Jacque Whitsitt and Basalt Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Heather Smith, let me extract from my letter, “If Veazy were mayor” (Nov. 27, 2008, The Aspen Times), concerning becoming the new Basalt town manager: “Now just imagine if I were the Basalt town manager for only three short months and what would be my evidentiary results for Basaltines in particular:”1. The various task forces (citizens committees) (would) be productive, and the nonproductive ones would be eliminated. The task-force members would do library research, conduct weekly meetings and submit periodic typed reports to the Town Council. No more rsum-enhancing without hard work.”2. The Basalt banking, finance and insurance community, the Basalt Chamber of Commerce and the Basalt Public Library staff would have weekly meetings with me.”3. The Basalt Town Hall staff and other Basalt government workers would be encouraged to have weekly brainstorming meetings to come up with solutions and new ideas to improve government efficiency and results. Thus, the town government workers will greatly improve themselves and the town government.”4. I will personally work with the Economic Committee to improve Basalt’s economic and business circumstances for the intermediate term and long run in good and bad times.”5. I will champion a Basalt downtown improvement district and the use of certificates of participation to correct and improve intermediate-term and long-run economic/business performance in good and bad times.”6. I would work with the Basalt Chamber of Commerce to upgrade and expand its public relations and publicity efforts to increase Basalt’s revenue, attract financiers and attract a bigger customer base to help sustain the Basalt business community, which the Basalt citizenry cannot do on its own. Also, this entails making Basalt a mini-destination, world-class town. How impressed and receptive can I find (the) Basalt Town Council to me and my ideas? Or would they divorce me from my ideas to rip off my ideas?”Furthermore, I gave many free lectures for all in the Roaring Folk Valley to take advantage of for better business performance, executive action and strategic economic geography operations. Some of those lectures included the following topics: (1) “Money: Innovation & Personal Initiative”; (2) “Fred Hayman: Merchant Prince Extraordinaire”; (3) “Business Showmanship: Donald Trump Your Business” (which included Fred Hayman and the Rodeo Drive Committee); (4) “Nexus to Seducing & Selling Affluent People”; (5) “Smarts to Wooing Affluent Consumers”; (6) “Class Will Tell: Upper Middle Class & Upper Class Determinations”; (7) “Understanding the Economy: (Foreign) Central Banks Help U.S. Economy”; and (8) “Women on the Money: Wheeling & Dealing Today” (which included how a woman can become a self-made billionaire or a self-made millionaire).What do you think, folks? Who kicks knowledge, logic, excellence, understanding, good advice and common sense to the curb? Who just is not thoroughly educated, trained and equipped to handle Basalt’s political economy? Who? Who? Who?Emzy Veazy IIIBurbank, Calif., and Aspen


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