A two-way trail

Dear Editor:

Helen Schermerhorn asked that bikers show a modicum of awareness and courtesy by announcing their approach to anyone from behind, and in advance of passing (“Be heard, bikers,” letters, July 20, 2011, The Aspen Times). She also accused bikers of a lack of consideration and implied that their presence on the Rio Grande Trail is resented.

I ride the Rio Grande Trail several times a week, between the post office and Cemetery Lane, as a way out of town. I prefer this to sharing the downtown streets with the heavy summer traffic. I have observed that walkers on that stretch could (in Ms. Schermerhorn’s words) show a modicum of awareness and courtesy by not walking five abreast across the whole path, and by yielding to those who request to pass them.

The presence of walkers who are so engrossed in conversation, cell phones, and iPods can provoke resentment (again Ms. Schermerhorn’s term) in cyclists who have constantly to say or even shout, “on your left please, on your left, please, coming through, please” to no avail.

We have a beautiful multi-use trail that we can all enjoy, if we pay attention and look out for other users during the busy summer season.

Linda Vitti