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A True traffic jam solution

Dear Editor:Because I want so strongly for the daily traffic jams to be decongested, I am endorsing Jim True for county commissioner.As a past member of two state transportation stake holder decision groups and as a county commissioner who faced “recall” over my decisions to build the roundabout, I understand that solutions require the cooperation of three local governments, five other counties, the state transportation commission and, CRUCIALLY, the local voters. It is critical we have commissioners strong in ‘cooperative play.’Personally, I don’t agree with Jim True’s campaign suggestion for the solution. But Jim True’s undergraduate degree was engineering, and it won’t take him “a week of Sundays” to recognize, as an engineer, what the logical solutions need to be.But it is Jim True’s style that may finally deliver us. He asks hard questions and actually listens and considers the answers. Jim True honors others’ opinions and presents fair decisions.Rachel has worked hard for 15 years on these problems. But she has had “months of Sundays” and gotten nowhere. During her tenure, we have not seen clear direction from the City Council. We even suffered the setback of stakeholders at the Maroon Creek Club, feeling so unlistened to that they went over City Council’s head and got the governor to force a stop light onto the Stage Road intersection, backing traffic up even farther. (Just wait for the completion of Burlingame and the impact of 300 homes unloading onto Highway 82 there each morning!)The reason Rachel has not been effective is really the key difference between Jim and Rachel.Jim True makes the other players feel like they are on the same team. Jim doesn’t tell others what to think. He relies on hard questions that get others to do the thinking for themselves.In today’s world, traffic jam solutions are a well-developed, logical science … all people need is encouragement to do some serious thinking. I believe Jim True’s style is our best bet for getting out of our “jams.”Shellie RoyAspen

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