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A true leader

A true leader has a genuine love for his people and cares about their quality of life.

A true leader knows the daily concerns of his people. And though the leader is accorded a certain amount of respect or reverence (based on his actions, not his office) he does not practice exclusionary tactics or execute policies that benefit only a small fraction of his community.

A true leader creates solutions for all. A true leader is wise, and that wisdom comes from a balance of heart and intellect.

Some of our current leaders (local and national) are clearly not engaged from their hearts. They are engaged in power plays, ego gratification and greed. Some of our leaders project a carefully constructed image for popular consumption that supposedly says, “I am one of you. I understand your concerns, and care enough to help.” However, by refusing to acknowledge the feelings or concerns of a large number of his people, and sending police and military to violently squelch dissent, it is clear that some of our leaders are not truly what they project. Their actions clearly say, “This is not a democracy and you are merely an expendable cog in the wheel of my agenda.”

These are not the actions of a leader that has the best interests of his people at heart. In fact, these are the common actions of someone whose own desires have been so repressed that he uses his influence to limit others’ freedoms because he is insecure and spineless at the core of his being.

Too often, the actions of our leaders are not wise, loving or life-affirming. In fact, they are petty and destructive. These are not fitting representatives of this great nation. These particular leaders will find out they have underestimated us. We, the people, are not machines, and when our voices and feelings are blatantly ignored, and our freedoms are taken away, we fight back.

But, aside from our so-called leaders, what do each of us create with our intelligence, our hearts and our free will? We are an experiment ” not just our system of government, but our very existence on this planet. We are answering the latter question with our very lives.

Kathryn Preston


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