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A true "emergency"?

Dear Editor:Objections to Ordinance 30 are clear and valid. They are: Council has invoked an “emergency” where there is none. Council has circumvented the legislative process, including public hearings, by declaring an emergency. What does this say about a council which has been in place for a few weeks? Are they afraid to follow the rules? Council places the responsibility for determining if a property is historical on the citizens. Since citizens have not asked for this responsibility (or this ordinance) – what is fair about that? Further, it goes against current policy for historical designation, which places the responsibility on the city to prove historical significance. Council has declared anything over 30 years old to be historical. My goodness, I think 30 is young!Please join me in asking the Aspen City Council to reconsider Ordinance 30.Penney Evans CarruthAspen

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