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A true Aspen love story

Dear Editor:

I have thought about writing this letter for Valentines Day for several years, but this year my heart told me to go for it! Thirty-two years ago I arrived in Aspen at the age of 17 from New York City. It was a cold snowy Wintersköl night and the fireworks were going off! Welcome to Aspen.

Fast forward to 1977, hitch hiking was my way of transportation up and downvalley to school, CMC Spring Valley campus. There I was at Highway 82 and Cemetery Lane when this huge dual Dodge power wagon stops to pick me up. Behind the wheel was a long-haired, long-bearded man. Well, he didn’t smell and he had the most charming Southern accent, as well as an adorable Irish Setter in the back. He took me all the way up to the Spring Valley campus. We had quite a nice chat on the way and that was the end of that.

Well, six months pass and we cross paths again. This time he had cut off all his hair, shaved his beard and was hitting on my 15-year-old sister. That didn’t go over very well with me so I gently put the cards on the table about her being jail bait! We started talking and, as so often happens, you remember something about that person you had a conversation with before, and we realized that it wasn’t just dejà vu. Thirty years later we still are talking about that fateful meeting and as my husband likes to tell the story, when I chewed through the chain in the back of the truck he knew I was a KEEPER!

Ah the good old days, what we long for and what we hold in our hearts! Happy Valentine’s Day, Leonard. I love you and am blessed to be part of our true Aspen love story!

Mindy Langston


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