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A trip with purpose

Dear Editor:

Our school is unique in the fact that it provides one week a year of Experiential Education, where different personalities come together to experience something unique to their particular trip. Strong friendships are created, new passions are found within, and memories worthy of remembrance occur.

This year I went on a trip that blew my expectations away. I was able to go to Yellowstone with a group of kids I had never known before and experience the wild outdoors.

My trip, called “Wild Things,” took me through three states I have never visited before: Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. In Montana we stayed in two cabins on a bison ranch near Yellowstone National Park. My group and I explored the park, tracked wolf packs, and worked on the ranch we were living on. The week was more than I could ever ask for. How many kids have the opportunity to see animals in their natural environment, living wild? In my particular experience, the trip helped me determine a path I will walk in the future. I want to work with wildlife, with the environment and live a sustainable life. Through the days of this Ex-Ed I confirmed my passion for the outdoors and of living with the wild animals. Everything happens for a reason: I ended up on this particular trip for a purpose.

With the help of my scholarship I was able to experience a trip that might have been the key spark of my future. I thank you, with all my heart, for helping me live this opportunity. My parents and I will be pushed to extremes for my future education and appreciate your help. It was more than worth it. Thank you.

Marieta Bialek

Aspen High School senior


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