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A tribute to Lathrop

Dear Editor:

I had some very sad news on Saturday, April 26. A lifetime friend and buddy lost his life the day before as he was attempting to ski down Mount Sopris.

Lathrop Strang, who was among the strongest skiers I have known, fell from his line and tumbled more than 1,000 feet down a steep couloir. It was a line he had skied before, and I am sure Lathrop had every intention of skiing it again. I am so very sad for his family and his little girl.

Lathrop was a gentle soul and a man of integrity, passion and a true outdoorsman. An alpinist, Lathrop was most at home on the land and in the wildness of nature; he was a climber, a hell of a skier, and I can remember him to be an artful fly-fisherman. What I will remember about Lathrop is the shine in his eye about everything and anything to do with the outdoors, life and living.

One automatically liked Lathrop and was drawn to his laughter, smiling persona and easy-going way. He was as fine a friend as a man could ask for, and he was a loving, caring and very committed father. I will remember him as a simple man who cared greatly for the people in his life. He was a man who was intact and worked as a leader and steward for the place he loved, this valley and the mountains. He wanted to protect this place for future generations ” his daughter among them ” so they could relish and take stock in the wonder of the open space and place of his heart.

Lathrop was at home in the Roaring Fork Valley; this is where he grew to be a man, it is the place he lived and loved and where he chose to raise his family. He fell from life here at home, but I will remember not how he met his end … I will tell those who I know and don’t know, and I will tell my children how Lathrop chose to live.

The Aspen valley and community has lost a favorite son, and I will just say that Lathrop, being your friend and knowing you was a complete joy. I will see you in every winter storm and your memory will blow gentle on the mountain breeze. … You were the best in all of us, and your spirit will be sadly missed.

Jeffrey S. Gorsuch


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