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A tribute to John

Dear Editor:

Lofty alpine meadows portray unaffected, guileless and spontaneous jubilation for the lavish beauty of diversity. Back in the ’70s, John Denver and Tom Crum invited thinkers to draw together under cobalt skies and crystalline stars to contemplate the grassroots of mindfulness. How do we thank an uncommon soul for beckoning “One World” to hum and harmonize?

How do we salute a man for guiding us down back roads, through wood and waterways, for scaling cliffs and canyons and exploring ocean abyss to the Milky Way?

John Denver, you cuddled life with fond embrace, childlike joy and curious wonderment. You echoed a reverence for nature and called for humility and peace through compassion. You experienced the shivering fragility and warming tenderness of humankind. You stood under in order to understand, and delivered poignant and purposeful gifts.

Through your music, works and dialogue, you shared concerns that remain crucial and universal. Masks and blinders are falling away and meaningful differences are being made on a global basis. Human beings are now challenged to ascend the mountain within. John, you were impassioned to stand-up and forge a path ” many now “seeking grace in every step.”

Thank you for your courage, your voice, your resilient spirit and energetic presence … lingering still. Thank you for finding your note and playing it well. May it yodel through towering high country and raise consciousness for generations to come.

You were the voice, wilderness troubadour and trail guide. We applaud a kind and gentle man as we attempt to “Live in the Song.”

Cathy Meadows

Victoria, B.C.

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