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A travesty of justice

Dear Editor:

I was very upset after reading Rick Carroll’s article in Wednesday’s paper concerning the alleged assault on a Pitkin County deputy.

Coincidentally, a few days prior to the alleged incident I had participated in a ride-along with Deputy Gray and discovered that, like his peers, he was very easygoing and had an impressive perspective on law enforcement. Get this: He actually thinks that law enforcement officers should treat people with respect and handle matters with care and patience until the most-peaceful solution can be reached.

Fast-forward to the afternoon in question. Some punk from Chicago thought he could come to our peaceful, welcoming and laid-back haven and pull his big-city bullshit.

So first he trashes a gondola, OK? I don’t even want to speculate as to what was going on inside that cabin, but it probably had something to do with verbally and perhaps physically abusing his wife as well as damaging the cabin itself. Result: Aspen Skiing Co. lets him slide by paying a couple hundred bucks. Whatever, it’s your equipment and you can allow people to do whatever they want to it for the right price.

Then said d-bag begins to rip on his wife right there in front of two peace officers and the general public, commits assault by threatening death, then resists arrest the entire time he was in custody.

Now I can understand that making a case against the d-bag from Chi-town may be a challenge since there were no eyewitnesses in the vehicle with Deputy Gray and this d-bag. However, we need to show the same level of respect and diligence to our law enforcement officers as they so often show us.

I would think that as a community we would want to encourage our district attorneys to rake these punks over the coals until they get the point. What is the point? That you can come to Pitkin County and have a blast on your vacation, but if you try to blast on the locals, a fellow tourist or law enforcement officers then you will suffer the wrath! Not to mention make everyone from Chicago look like d-bags.

That crap may fly in Chicago or New York or somewhere else where law enforcement are outnumbered by punks, but here in Pitkin County we need to demonstrate that if you assault or batter one of our police or deputy sheriffs then you are gonna cool your heals in the slammer, ostensibly ruining your vacation for your entire family. Then you can go and apologize to the entire sheriff’s department and police department and tell them how you were a pathetic little d-bag and a poor ambassador for your community.

Go Bears!

Benjamin Taylor

Snowmass Village

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