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A tragic war

Dear Editor:An Aspen Daily News Aug. 7 article looks to Vietnam expert and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Stanley Karnow for advice on Afghanistan. At first, I thought this was a joke until I read the common sense of Mr. Karnow’s reply when he said, we should not be in Afghanistan.Many have tried to occupy Afghanistan: Genghis Khan, the British, Russia and many less noted forces through the centuries. Alexander the Great decided not to even try to enter Afghanistan. All who tried failed. In July alone, 42 American service people were killed, 200 maimed and many disabled for life.The Afghans are proud of being warriors. That won’t change. Like some of us admire a baseball player with a great hitting average, an Afghan might show you a picture of his grandfather on the wall and brag that he killed 70 people before he was 20 years old.Obama wanted to get into this war, it is his war. Yet, I have not heard one word of sympathy for the many young Americans that have died there. This is a bigger mistake than Vietnam. Where are the young people and some of the old hippies that should be opposing this tragic war?I have mailed Obama three of my favorite history books. I question his knowledge of history.Tom DalyAspen

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