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A traffic success story

Dear Editor:

I would like to take a moment and thank anyone and everyone who worked on the bridge expansion at Highway 82 and 133 in Carbondale. I am grateful for the funding (taxes) from local, state and federal organizations, CDOT for making it a “sooner then later” item on their list of many things to do, and the contracted companies and workers that made it happen!

There was ” in my opinion ” few total closures, minimal backup, and congestion considering the bridge is now double its old capacity. Granted traffic was frustrating some days, but was worth it in the long run. And, all four lanes are fair game for us non-BRT, downvalley worker bees that need a truck/vehicle to get materials to job sites upvalley.

Again I say, “kudos” to an excellent job that makes commuting more tolerable, until you get to Buttermilk bottleneck, where hell begins! Have a farfegnugen day.

John Norman


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