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A traffic solution

Dear Editor:

With the recent resurgence of traffic along Main Street, the time has come to address the congestion.

While I realize that the people who live in the West End are annoyed by the traffic that passes in front of their homes, it seems that the streets themselves are public streets. With the closure of Power Plant Road to left turns onto Cemetery Lane, the traffic on Main is just that much worse. A possible solution to the problem follows: Turn the stop light at 82 and Cemetery Lane off from 3-6 p.m. Allow only right-hand turns off Cemetery Lane onto 82, requiring people who want to go into Aspen to turn right and use the roundabout to come back into town.

People using Cemetery Lane could also use Power Plant Road to enter town. As the stop light at 82 and Cemetery Lane is the major cause of traffic congestion in westbound traffic, turning it off would allow traffic to flow out of town at a much quicker rate.

Erik Mazur

Glenwood Springs

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