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A traditional parent

Dear Editor:Hooray for Ms. Yoshimura in regards to the sinking ship of Montessori (Aspen Times, Feb. 12). She knows what a great education her child receives in the Carbondale schools in the traditional strand. There are many, many more like her in the community. This is a quiet group, however, that doesn’t feel a constant barrage of educational theory and philosophy is needed to prove a value in education. They know their children are receiving the best in public education in the traditional strand. In the next breath, a Montessori parent describes the terrible education children receive in the Carbondale schools and how parents have been fleeing for a long time. This implies that the Carbondale teachers of today are do-nothings, who don’t teach, have no creativity, teach their classes at one level and generally should be avoided. Regardless of past practices of other parents taking their children out of a community, parents need to make their own choices about educating their children, not based on what others have done before them. Just because your friend does it, doesn’t mean it is good. Parents need to make their own choice, not follow a lemmings-like mentality. I have had children in those classrooms, helped extensively in those classrooms, and know what goes on in not just my child’s classroom but other classrooms, as well. Carbondale traditional teachers are amazing. They teach to all the levels in the classroom. They take the high kids higher and the low kids higher. Each child works at a level appropriate to their need. Individual time is provided, group time is encouraged and expectations are clear. A respectful code of behavior is the norm. Teachers are organized, professionally trained, caring, creative, smart and dedicated to what they do. They spend time teaching and preparing and doing what they do best.Ask traditional parents, visit traditional classrooms, read with traditional kids, look at their work folders (some call portfolios), talk with traditional teachers. Montessori is not the answer. Somewhere along the cruise, you have to jump ship and believe in the rescue rings, which are the traditional teachers. Carbondale schools need those of you willing to leap before you get sucked to the bottom. You can choose current best practice teaching methods or pure Montessori theory based on an education model of the early 1900s. Be different, be a traditional parent. It really isn’t so bad. Tamara LundbergCarbondale

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