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A tough record to stand on

Dear Editor:

Witnessing the two debates paints a sad picture indeed of the incumbent administration. The president’s “empty chair” presentation looking like he’s late for the next $40,000 per person fundraiser. The vice president chuckling, grimacing, jeering all the way through like the serious, tough issues facing us are just, you know, hah, hah, a bunch of Republican malarkey, heh heh, hah hah hah. This level of disrespect was contemptible and embarrassing, (even for Biden.)

And how dare the Dems continue the campaign of calling their counterparts out for “lies” when he says they had no info about lax security in Benghazi? Seriously? (Although in his defense, he arguably has little to fall back on.)

It’s not so easy to talk up four years of stagnation: budgets spiraling out of control, no debt reduction, no deficit relief, GDP falling, record welfare rolls, no waste-fraud crackdown, no energy policy, etc. These were things they were hired to fix.

We need a change.

Rich Wontor


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