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A Torre quandary

Dear Editor:Damn you, Torre – you’ve really put me in a bind. You have represented me well in your term on City Council. You have consistently stood up to several wealthy developers that have nothing to add to our wonderful town, but want to pad their wallets even further. Your thoughts on improving the S-curves mirror my own thoughts. Your desire to add much more employee housing is an answer to a desperate need here in Aspen.In an election with an overwhelming number of worthy candidates, I really find personal conflict with just one, Tim Semrau. I believe his profession as a developer would create a real conflict of interest on a City Council that spends a majority of its work addressing development rights. I had many objections to his opinions during his stint on council and fear his return as the acting head. This fear has left me wanting to ensure that Tim will be defeated.Mick Ireland has so many years of community service where he voiced many of the same concerns I have had. I have been a supporter of his through several of his campaigns and have rallied on his behalf each time he has run for public office. Most of the time I have agreed with his opinions. When there were differences of opinions he firmly held strong for what he believes is best for Aspen and Pitkin County. With the exception of the Entrance to Aspen, I know that Mick will serve this city well.Most important, Torre, I feel that Mick would win this election were it not for your campaign. I also believe that you would win if Mick were not on the ballot. I know you and trust you, but I feel many locals are also feeling this predicament. Votes will be split between the sensible growth candidates, with Tim slipping into the mayoral seat. I am sad to steer people away from you, but Mick is the front-runner and I will support him once more.As a replacement for you on City Council, I believe Steve Skadron has all the best of your qualities and a most thoughtful manner when evaluating development proposals. He, too, is willing to say no to large-scale development and other proposals that are out of character for our town. Like you, he has a long range vision for Aspen, which will guarantee that our city continues to retain its uniqueness. My second vote will probably be made at the time I vote. There is little to alienate me from the rest of the candidates, and I feel they all would be acceptable to me as a representative of my own ideals. Personal style is the biggest difference, and I really appreciate the directness of Michael Wampler, though I think he is a bit short on governmental experience. Whoever comes out on top, I know you will do me proud.Sue GeistAspen

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